Love is Space.

Love is Space. “Well, what does that mean Really?” …

It's a little bit misleading to title this ‘Love is Space’ because it evokes a sense that this is a discussion about love as an object and that’s not what this is. But everything is love when it is given the opportunity to breathe.

I guess that would be a better title. "Everything is love when it is given the opportunity to breathe," yes, I like that. I like it yet there is still so much room for answering the question: “Well what the hell does that mean Really?”. And that's what this work really is. Relaying the message that in the beauty of a still moment there is also the vastness of space.

And in those moments we touch and taste what real love is. I'm thinking now of it being like when we listen to an intoxicating beautiful piece of music and how that music just takes us places, places that transcend our mind and our thoughts. And for that time, we are sensing with every cell in our body what is true and real in the world. That space is love.

And then the music (or whatever brought you into that state) stops. And it’s back into the jungle of life trying making sense of all that transpires. As though life is a jigsaw puzzle (do those exist anymore?) created to be figured out and pieced together.

But one day, the realization dawns (or will dawn) that none of it really makes sense and it's not a puzzle to be figured out after all. And that the only real thing that exists is love.

And that love can be felt and perceived directly every time there is space in the thoughts of our mind. The spaces that bring about a timeless quality to our experience. And that quality is what is meant to be figured out and paid attention to. And it is the only way off of the hamster wheel that a majority of world is engaging in. To be aware of what you are doing here is a huge leap into understanding what we are all doing here. And to change the world, it will only be through love. To assist humanity in its evolution to a more 'human' place is all about us cultivating love in our own privileged life. And love? Love is space. To be cultivated in any way that you most attune with. And start infusing that love into everything that you do, into every post that you share. We want to feel your love so that we can be infected with it and pass it on. We want to feel your passion and your caring, courage, and your humor. Without you, nothing matters. There is a revolution happening in the undercurrent of humanity towards love. There are only two options in how we participate. Our choices can either be motivated by love or by fear. And we cannot escape having both love and fear as part of our experience. Love is for the most fierce spirits that exist on earth. It requires strength, courage and resolve to be in love. Each time we choose love, there will be a thousand or more reasons that come up to pull us into staying in fear. Love in not for the fearful or the spacey (although I’ve been accused of both). Love is not spacey. Love is Space. 🙂

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