Deepen Breath

Getting quiet is so amazing because it builds energy. Slowing down intentionally and doing things like deepening your breath increases the energy that flows through you which increases your life force. that’s ‘meditation’. The point of sitting still or being able to breathe deeply is not meant to stop your life, it’s the complete opposite. Erich Schiffman uses the analogy of a spinning top in his book ‘The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness’ to describe stillness. His opening paragraph stuck with me through all the years of teaching yoga and meditating! “Imagine a spinning top. Stillness is like a perfectly centered top, spinning so fast it appears motionless. It appears this way not because it isn’t moving, but because it’s spinning at full speed. ... stillness is a higher energy state than what we’re used to...” what Erich describes in his book is also what others describe as being in ‘flow’. The creative capacity from the state of being open is tremendous. So what does that have to do with this photo of the 'Twerkshop' I went to this weekend?!....

My mind is open to trying things that I previously knew nothing accurate about and possibly even dismissed as something that 'isn't me'. But the truth is that when we are open and arrive at anything without judgement, the truth of it could actually pierce through the illusions that judgements tend to create in our minds.

I had no idea how fun and awesome the ' Twerkshop' would be. It was more about getting into your body in a freeing way and being part of a highly positive group experience where joy and laughter prevailed than about learning how to shake your ass in ways that honestly seem necessary lols. I’m not (necessarily) suggesting that you learn how to twerk but I’m strongly encouraging exploring your own depths and allowing what shows up in your life movie to show up

as a result of aligning with your heart.... which can happen in moments of stillness.

Here's a track I recorded recently with Jesse Rhodes in Santa Barbara, CA at his studio. It's a breathing practice that increases the lung capacity and relieves anxiety. I would love your feedback after you check it out so connect with me. My email is Much love!

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