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Karen Gabai

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, raised in NY. I studied politics in Israel and traveled extensively in Southern Africa, Turkey, Egypt, and parts of Europe. Later I moved to California, studied film, and created and produced an annual international event, the San Francisco World Film Festival, where I partnered with Panasonic, Dolby, Jet Blue, and Canon. I created the first of its kind ‘digital marketplace’, held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, which showcased the most cutting edge digital technologies for filmmaking during the birth of the ‘HD’ revolution.


I then shifted my professional focus into the healing arts and used my gifts as a teacher. As an international teacher and speaker, I helped thousand of people from many walks of life connect to their success through practices that are practical and get results. For 10 years, I worked mostly in group settings teaching traditional types of yoga classes that focused on dynamic physical movement but deeply steeped in a more total mind body spirit healing experience.   


In 2015, I officially stopped teaching yoga classes. I felt called to expand and go much deeper into my meditation practice and explore my passion for dance again. Dance has had a profound impact on my growth as a person and as a woman that believes in leading with her feminine side.  I started pole dancing in 2017 and practice tribal fusion belly dance regularly. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to perform and form deep connections with amazing people through dance! It definitely informs my teaching and beyond! 😍

 As I write this , it's February 2020 and I just started a YouTube channel called Soul Mastermind.  I'm simultaneously launching a mastermind with the same name to help people turn their dreams into reality by creating a supportive network of like minded people that meet online. That, in combination with one -on-one sessions will result in transformations in areas of work and personal development , illuminating success as the new norm in the lives of the participants.